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RWB MY 06 (31)You would have probably seen it somewhere before, whether it’s on your Facebook, Instagram, or widely emblazoned on a shirt during your local touge runs or car meets. Or maybe it’s on an air-cooled Porsche, be it a 911 from the classic era, sporting a much wider track with such a distinctive design that you can’t find like any other.

RAUH-Welt Begriff, commonly abbreviated as RWB, started off as a tuner shop in Japan, commonly working with Porsches as their canvas. A rarity as Porsches are in the land of the rising sun, the works of RWB are inherently unique and each client only gets a single chance to transform theirs from stock to standing-out. But who are the masterminds behind this? It isn’t a team, but a single person.

RWB MY 06 (22) RWB MY 06 (32)Akira Nakai, endearingly called Nakai-san by his fans, is the star behind the show. A true craftsman to his trade, Nakai personally transforms his customer’s Porsches into intriguing works of art, worthy of the RWB name. As you can tell by now, those cars certainly turn out to be one of a kind under his touch. As dedicated as he is to building the brand, Nakai regularly flies in and out of Japan, working day and night with the said cars in-situ. It’s not only the extreme widebody kits that he is well known for, as he also works with suspension setups to perfectly complement his builds.

After all, Nakai firmly believes that his creations should be driven, and driven hard – not to only just sit as a fixture.

RWB MY 06 (33)Many of these RWBs have already been delivered to their owners within Japan and other countries, with regional teams to support Nakai in regards to administration. Even Nakai himself does not recall the number of builds he has worked on – but each and every one of them are subtly different from each other, but somehow they just retain that unique traits of RWB.

A few notable works (and some being my favorite) include the Rotana, the Stella Artois, Hyakka Ryoran, Yamato Nadeshiko and Miyabi – and all of them are every bit as representative to RAUH-Welt Begriff’s wild and ambitious creations. Nakai not only works on Porsches as commonly believed but on various other cars as well; but to the others – it’s just not part of the RWB family if it isn’t a Porsche.

RWB MY 06 (37)

RWB MY 06 (36)Nakai-san was in Malaysia earlier this week, to work on Malaysia’s RWB build #06. The base car is a 1996 Porsche 993 Targa and it is the first of its kind to receive the RWB treatment. We had the privilege of observing Nakai-san work several times now (including this particular build at the Autodetailer Studio) and we must say that his intensity never ever falters. He has a steely gaze, and he gives 110% concentration and focus. Nothing ever seems to get in his way – except maybe for lunch, and sporadic cigarette breaks.

(Edit: correction, we’ve found out that Nakai-san built another Targa; a 993 in Hong Kong aka Martini. Thanks for the correction, Rikmun!)

RWB MY 06 (17) RWB MY 06 (18) RWB MY 06 (6)Outside of the work bay, RWB Malaysia cars #01 Yamato Nadeshiko, #02 Furinkazan and #04 Hyakka Ryoran patiently wait for the completion of their sister #06. All four cars will eventually live together in a single stable, as all four belong to one owner, Christian Coujin, who is clearly a massive RWB enthusiast.

Build #06 took only two days to complete, shorter than the three days we thought it would. For now, #06 remains unnamed, but if and when Nakai-san christens the car, you can be sure we will report back. Nakai-san is still in Malaysia over the weekend working on a separate project, and we will continue to follow his work.

(Edit: We just got word that Build #06 has been named Karajishi – a name used to refer to the shrine or temple lion guardians in Japan.)

In the meantime, enjoy our pictorial coverage of Malaysia’s RWB build #06 below:


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